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Other Academic Activities

The centre provides academic training to local and international groups of interested people on diverse topics such as how to do a critical edition of Buddhist texts. The Centre collaborates with its partners with similar aims to run such specific events to ensure that more Buddhist scholars in Thailand learn how to conduct research work up to international standards, and get their research papers published in international peer-reviewed journals.

It also offers a series of lectures on the Buddha's teachings in the Pali Canon. In addition, the Centre also teaches meditation to different groups of people on a Saturday and Sunday, including courses and retreats using mindfulness based cognitive therapy approaches. This approach will be co-organised by the NCBS and other medical centers or Hospitals.

In addition, the Centre also organizes special classes on Buddhism and Thai culture during Summer for foreign students who visit Thailand on a short trip, if requested.

Conferences, seminars, meetings and public lectures are usually held on either Saturday or Sunday to discuss Buddhism on various aspects and disseminate new Buddhist ideas derived from cutting-edged research work to the people in the society at large. Details are available in our section on Programme Calendar.