Richard Gombrich

On this page you will find links to Richard's published articles. Please take your time and enjoy Richard's work through the years.

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Richard Gombrich Archive


1977 On Being Sanskritic

On being Sanskritic: a plea for civilized study and the study of civilization, (Oxford, 1978) - Inaugural lecture delivered before the University of Oxford on 14 October 1977

1975 Buddhist Karma and Social Control

'Buddhist karma and social control', Comparative Studies in Society and History 17/2 (1975), pp. 212-20.

1975 Ancient Indian Cosmology

'Ancient Indian cosmology', in Blacker, C. and Loewe, M. (eds.), Ancient Cosmologies (London, 1975), pp. 110-42.

1972 Feminine Elements in Sinhalese Buddhism

'Feminine elements in Sinhalese Buddhism', Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde Südasiens vol. 16 (1972), pp. 67-93.

1971 The Fifty Stanzas of a Thief

'The fifty stanzas of a thief', Mahfil 7/3-4 (1971), pp. 175-86. (Translation of the Caura-pañcāsikā with an introduction.)

1971 Merit Transference in Sinhalese Buddhism: A Case Study of the Interaction Between Doctrine and Practice

'"Merit transference" in Sinhalese Buddhism: a case of the interaction between doctrine and practice', History of Religions 11/2 (1971), pp. 203-19.

1971 Food for Seven Grandmothers: Stages in the Universalisation of a Sinhalese Ritual

'Food for seven grandmothers: stages in the universalization of a Sinhalese ritual', Man: Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 6/1 (1971), pp. 5-17.

1966 The Consecration of a Buddhist Image

'The consecration of a Buddhist image', Journal of Asian Studies 26/1 (1966), pp. 23-36.

1960's The State of Indological Studies in the UK today

'The state of Indological studies in the UK today' in Gaur, A. (ed.), South Asian Studies, Papers presented at a colloquium 24-26 April 1985. British Library Occasional Papers 7 (London, 1986), pp. 57-62.